Weekly Studies

Midweek studies, teachings and learnings of the Torah and Brit Hadashah (New Testament)and how we find the connection. Visit here regularly to find out the teaching for the week.


Praise and Worship

Yeladim starts their Shabbat service with praise and worship to HaShem (G-d) and Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah), then opening their lessons with prayer. At the end of the lessons we sing and dance to one more worship song, and Pastor Jane (Yeladim Director) closes us in prayer and blessings for the week ahead.

Learning the Weekly Parashah

Yeladim learn about HaShem's Torah, Haftorah and Brit Hadashah from the Complete Jewish Bible, and discuss what the weekly Parashah is about. They each have turns to read the scriptures and are familiarizing themselves with the order of the books in the bible. Before lockdown started, our Yeladim would do activities such as drawings, colouring pictures, quiz's and more.

Learning the Hebrew Language

Each week Yeladim learn new Hebrew words from the weekly parashah. They learn how to write these words in Hebrew, the meaning of the words, and how to pronounce them. They also try to put these words into a sentence using the Hebrew letters of the word.

Littlest Yeladim

Our Yeladim Kehillah (Children's Congregation) starts from 0 – 12 years old and is taught in two groups.

The lessons include learning HaShem’s Torah, Haftarah, and Brit Hadashah, through the Jewish perspective, and His Mitzvot, Regulations, Festival days, and Hebrew language.

The teachings which HaShem bestows upon the teachers through his ruach hakodesh (holy spirit) acknowledge through Deuteronomy 6:4-9 that He is the ONE true G-d of Isra’el. We acknowledge that His son Yeshua is the true Mashiach (Messiah), and that Isra’el are His chosen people. 

By age 13 the Yeladim is ready to join the Adult Kehillah.

With Matthew 19:14 as our title scripture, we welcome Yeladim and their families to join us this Shabbat. 

Baruch HaShem (Blessed be G-d)